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Huanghua port, qingang coal huai ranked first two


Last year, huanghua and qinhuangdao, China's major ports for transporting coal from north to south, shipped 392 million tons of coal, accounting for 54.7 percent of the water in the bohai rim and 50.9 percent of the water in the north, according to the port production bulletin.

In the past five years, qinhuangdao port and huanghua port are going hand in hand with the seed players of "north coal south transport".Before 2016, qinhuangdao port ranked first in coal port throughput.In 2016, huanghua completed 173 million tons of coal throughput, surpassing qinghua for the first time.In 2017, with the return of a large number of high-quality shenhua and yitai coal, the coal throughput of qingang surpassed that of huanghua port by 22 million tons.But the capacity of huanghua port is not to be underestimated. In 2018, qinhuangdao port's coal throughput exceeded that of huanghua port by only 180,000 tons, which was a narrow victory.In 2019, due to the increase in the proportion of clean energy and the surge of imported coal, the overall coal transport volume of ports in the bohai rim decreased.Both huanghua port and qinghua port saw a year-on-year decrease in coal volume, and the coal throughput of huanghua port exceeded that of qinghua port again.

Qinhuangdao port is the main supporting port of daqin line. Last year, the port focused on environmental protection and dust suppression, while the port focused on coal transport, the throughput maintained stable operation.The port has an in-depth understanding of users' needs, timely feedback to customers' opinions, and in accordance with the principle of maintaining long-term cooperation, protecting power plants and key customers, to ensure that customers with resources, demands and railway plans can ship and transit in Hong Kong, and attach great importance to customers who can continue to ship despite large price fluctuations.In addition, give full play to the role of road and port offices and port parking, compress the vehicle and ship in the port stop, improve the coal transport efficiency;Launch personalized marketing strategy to ensure the smooth flow of high-quality resources into the port, coal in and out, stable port inventory.

Huanghua port is not to be outdone. As an important part of the integration of mine, road, port, navigation and electricity of national energy group, huanghua port has obvious advantages in coal collection port and low comprehensive logistics cost.Last year, huanghua port optimized its internal organization to improve the accuracy of production plans.We will carry out the "100-day battle of production and operation", coordinate with railway departments, compress the operation time of locomotives, speed up the turnover of vehicles, ships and cargo, and ensure that the coal loading capacity keeps running at a high level.

The importance of the two ports in the north and south coal transport is very prominent, in the coal transport absolute main force position.This year, qinhuangdao port, the main supporting port of the daqin line, and huanghua port, the supporting port of the shuohuang line, will continue to operate at full capacity to speed up coal transport and maintain the leading position in the northern ports.This year, real estate, urbanization and re-electrification will bring more space for the growth of the power industry. The demand for coal in coastal areas will continue to grow.And upstream coal supply is sufficient, import coal level control of the situation, the two major ports coal transport situation continues to be optimistic.