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China is about to embark on a major project that could change the rules of global shipping


Rapid development in recent years, our country construction ability, with strong infrastructure technology, we got quite a few countries in the world to the olive branch, help one another countries improve the infrastructure construction, because the infrastructure is closely related to the economic development level, therefore, SBC each go to a place to participate in infrastructure construction, will obtain the local people welcome.

Order for now, China's overseas infrastructure projects are mainly concentrated in southeast Asia and Africa, and other parts of the project is less, but this year, in 2020, the situation may change, the infrastructure is expected to push America, under the "eye" in the United States started a significant, engineering trival vast new project.

According to foreign media reports, recently, an expert at renmin university of China in an interview, in 2020, China will start a big project, to build the long-planned "two foreign railway", and the international railway are built, the rules of the global shipping industry or will be changed, and, more importantly, the United States in the shipping industry and monopoly privilege may also be completely broken.

From reports, "two foreign railway" involves the three countries, China, Peru and Brazil, eight years ago, Peru and Brazil, the two South American countries have been trying to build a railway, the railway crossing Peru and Brazil, and connects the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, so that the two countries with export and import all kinds of cargo ships don't have to through the crowded the panama canal, can greatly improve transport efficiency.

Unfortunately, Brazil and Peru do not have the technology to build the railway any time soon, as the distance between the two countries is about 5, 000km.But fortunately, at the critical moment of the project's "survival", China emerged. With its rich experience in infrastructure, Peru and Brazil both agreed that the project could be built by China.

China is about to embark on a major project that could change the rules of global shipping

The panama canal connects the Pacific and Atlantic oceans and is an important sea passage

It is worth mentioning that after the completion of the "two-ocean railway", fewer merchant ships will choose to use the panama canal. In other words, the "two-ocean railway" can break the monopoly of the panama canal controlled by the United States on international logistics.You know, the panama canal connects the Atlantic ocean to the Pacific Ocean. If merchant ships do not use the panama canal, they have to make a wide circle to bypass South America and enter the Atlantic ocean, which is extremely uneconomical.

But in fact, because of the panama canal is very narrow, cannot pass much cargo ship at the same time, therefore, the time needed for cargo traffic in 20 hours, or longer, and the panama canal is according to the size of the ship, charge weight, and charge amount is not low, often reach hundreds of thousands of dollars, so in general, the panama canal although speed quick, but increases the operation cost.

China is about to embark on a major project that could

change the rules of global shipping

Believe that once the railway can really starts to build in 2020, that at the speed of China, should be completed in eight to ten years can smoothly, "two foreign railway" will become the panama canal "" land of South America, estimates that there will be a lot of shipping companies choose to unload in Peru, by train for Brazil, shipping transportation, again in an efficient and save money to complete the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean water transportation work.The railway will also become another international calling card for China's infrastructure to drive regional development.